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Sailen: The Palace
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UPD33 Update Info (v3.8.0.0)

1. New Game Content:

Festival: Winter Solstice

- A Celebration of Ice

Once upon a time, there was a two-faced goddess with an unpredictable personality. Sometimes, she looked as sweet as a flower, while at other times, she turned cold as ice.
Want to know who she is and what can she do? Go to Crismas Land and find her.
A new boss and new armor are hidden in a new dungeon you don't want to miss!

- Frost Tuzhindkriist, a legendary mount, can only be obtained from the Lavish Solstice Present.

New Game Features:

Manaprisms & Protectors

- A mysterious Machine Civilization that existed thousands of years ago disappeared due to an unknown disaster. The engineers of this civilization discovered a kind of energy in the strongest creatures in the world. They called the sources of this energy "Manaprisms." Find the mysterious engineer in Greenmont and begin a quest to learn more about the power of these items and the Manaprism Protectors in Haradon.

Limited-Time Sales

- Now you can get great items at affordable prices in Nick's Shop through a new feature! Check it out now!

Business Skill: T6 Gear

- Crafting T6 gear with your Business Skill is now available!

- Two brand-new raw materials have been found on Polynia Island that can be used to create some of the most powerful gear yet!

2. Polish:

Dungeon Finder: Quick Entry

- Just can't get enough members to wipe out a dungeon? Well, now you can jump into select dungeons with as few as 2 players for some fast action!

- Supported Dungeons:

Knahswahs Prison (Normal)
Relic's Key (Normal)
Young Deity's Realm (Normal)
Sailen: The Lower City (Normal)
Sailen: The Palace (Normal)
Eidolon's Horizon (Normal)

Lottery Chest Reward Updates

- We've updated all the rewards for 3 Chest types. Enjoy!

New Wheel of Fortune Rewards

- Tons of new items have been added to the Wheel of Fortune!

3. Notes:

- The Winter Solstice event will be over in 4 weeks.